Term frequency problem

I want to count the frequency of a set of terms as they occur in a series of documents.

I have the words in an excel file column, that I’ve converted to a csv

My problem occurs in the dictionary tagger, bag of words, and term frequency nodes.

There’s something wrong and it doesn’t appear to have filtered out the words not in my list. I’ve attached the workflow.
upload 1.knwf (56.1 KB)

How do I filter out the words not in my term list and then count the frequency those terms occur in my documents?

I have another question and perhaps it is the root of my problems. If I’m merely counting terms do I need the dictionary tagger? This pulls in my term file but how do I know what tag type to use? I can’t find any material explaining these online.


Closing this, since as far as I can tell it’s a duplicate of the question posed in this thread: