Term To Structure - not working as expected?

I am using Term To Structure (along with other name-structure nodes) and I have noticed that T2S doesn't seem to work as one would expect. 

For example, if you feed in a name such as Vorinostat Hydrochloride, it doesn't know the structure of Vorinostat but it does for Hydrochloride so it outputs the structure for HCl. 

I would personally expect it to take the name as a whole and try to create a structure from that. 

Is this is a bug or is it working 'as expected'?



For info: I am working on a list of alleged names for compounds, a significant chunk of which are either foreign or misspelled so I would not expect them to produce a name.


p.s. Another example is Nicotinaminde-Adenine-Dinucleotide, where the structure produced is only adenine.