Tess4J download error


I used this link > https://update.knime.com/community-contributions/3.6/ and download Tess4J but Tess4J but does not exist in knime.


I saw download list and there are list which uninstall Tess4j but uninstall tab passive.

Advice please

Hi @omeralitopal.
It seems like something went wrong during the installation of the plugin, as a first fix try starting KNIME AP with the clean parameter as described here:

If that doesn’t help, please post your knime.log file

Thanks @gab1one ,

I did knime -clean and Knime restarted wait for along time but the situation I mentioned above has not changed:(

I share you knime.log file.

knime_log.docx (549.4 KB)

Please help. Thanks again.

The log tells me that the installation of the Tess4j plugin did not succeed, can you try with a fresh installation of KNIME? The easiest way is to download the Zip archive version and just unzip it somewhere and use that for testing.

ok @gab1one

the interesting thing is, I have two pc. One in tess4j installed without problem but
tess4j installation problem was on other computer:)

Thanks again.