Text Analytics, Pre-processing, Visualization

@sccardais - Hi, I am working on a similar project on Knime, wherein I have to perform Text Analytics on the Unstructured data of Remedy Tickets. I will be getting the data from NoSQL DB Source (Marklogic/Solr), perform Text pre-processing (Removal of stop words, Stemming, etc.) and then form a word-cloud, and analyze the data and generate some reports. Something I can do using Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, etc.
I would like to understand how the same can be done using Knime. I am new to Knime and learning it.
Could you please help me in designing this solution.

Thanks in Advance !

Hi @SuyogP and welcome to the forum. I created a new topic for your post to keep things tidy.

We have several resources available for you on the KNIME Hub that cover pretty much all of the issues you’re wondering about - pre-processing, word clouds, and classification using either standard methods or deep learning. Let me give you a few links to get you started:



Hope that helps, but feel free to keep asking questions as you learn. The forum community is very helpful. :slight_smile:


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