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I am pretty much new at knime. I am now working in sentiments analysis. So anyone can guide me on how to use knime for sentiments or text analytics. Like suppose I have to do twitter sentiment analysis. So how to perform this?


You’ve got already different materials about it within the knime’s examples.


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And how to do sentiment analysis if the data is stored in a database

Just give a look here : https://nodepit.com/node/org.knime.database.node.connector.generic.DBConnectorNodeFactory

I can see that for document creation in the examples which you given first time, it is mandatory to have FEEDPARSERwhich is prresent in PALLADIAN extension. But from KNIME 4.0 the palladian extension is missing . how to retrieve that?

You will find everything you need to know about it in these posts :Palladian nodes gone after update to knime 4.0.

Briefly If you add http://download.nodepit.com/palladian/4.0 It wil be ok. If it’s not you can return to a 3.7 Knime version.

For the how to install extensions see here : https://www.knime.com/downloads/update


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