Text Classification by Reference Code List - Help for editing in existing Workflow.

I want to use the workflow in a topic that has been opened and concluded before, but in my case it should be able to create more than one reference code.

In other words, by checking the matches in the texts in the data set with my reference description and code list, whatever codes are present are in the code classification/category column (example; 12335-3, 122545-9, 22125-4…n code).

It is possible to add multiple reference codes. How to revise/update the attached workflow in this direction.

The reference code list I use is attached in Excel.

Referance Code List.xlsx (293.1 KB)


KNIME_ref_data_partial_match_g472_2.knwf (13.3 KB)

Why am I doing this? Answer: I am trying to find an alternative solution to solve the problem I wrote in the link below.

Hi Umut,

I see the original post is replied. Is this post still an open issue?

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Hi Armin, yes this is still an open ticket. As an alternative, I want to try this solution, a revision needs to be made as I mentioned above, you can help me.

To create multiple category codes for the same text.

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Dear Umut,

Please take a look at the modified version of your workflow and let me know if it works as expected:
KNIME_ref_data_partial_match_g472_2.knwf (20.2 KB)


Thank you very much Armin, I found the solution I was looking for in this example.
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