Text Editor is not support UTF-8 or Any Language ?

I have some porblem about text editor in KNIME (e.g. String Manipulation , Python sniiper , JAVA sniper)

I had changed preference font in Text Editor in encoding to UTF-8 and font suuport “Thai” Language
but KNIME is not show text on locale language.

Could any one help me to setting it ?

Thank you

Have you tried stetting the Workspace encoding to UTF-8 (or UTF-16).



Hi mlauber71,

I try yo settring any more about Encoding but It is not success

I see above your capture may it difference becase of OS but on windows, I setting text encoding UTF-8 is all.

could you provide us with a sample workflow to test?


Sorry mlauber71 for longer reply,

Now I still have problem already. testfont.knwf (12.2 KB)

I will upload the testing font in string manipulator problem and my environment configuration to you. Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform

I think KNIME did not have font configuration in some component example image from this picture it show L alphabet (L lower)
but my appearance font setting this font all image

and then I used python script node for text this result font is not shown.

result show ASCII result (This may be I not config UTF-8 in my env. I will try)

However, In any editor in KNIME , it should be global config. for appearance right ? If you can help me , I will very thankful to you. :slight_smile:

Is there any solution on this issue yet? I’m facing the same problem with THAI language.

Hi loedbest,

I think my python environment not setting locale THAI( that I will change python prompt to show UNICODE.
I did not try → this is one solution but another issue, I cannot show locale character on KNIME’s console.
I try to change any font or setting but it is not support. (on string manipulate)

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