Text mining about website

Hi everybody, I'm new on the Forum and with Knime!!

I need help...I have to do a text mining on fashion website, I have to find the brand, the accessories that are most famous on the web, but I don't Know how... First I start with a table creator, is it right if I put on the first column the http of the page? Can I do only a column with all the website or I have to do a workflow for every website?? In the second column I write the name of the brand that I'm looking for??

After table creator I put a HttpRetriever and then strings to document...is it right? If I do so, I'll find what I need?

Thanks everybody and I hope that someone understand me and would help me. I need that for my work of finish study!

Have you seen the KNIME Forume Analysis example on our public server?  It is located at: