Text Mining Course: Classification

- Append color information based on class labels - Split data into training and test set - Train decision tree classifier on training set - Apply trained model on test set - Score model

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Hi the workflow is unusable, following error rises up in Table Reader node:

WARN Table Reader 3:31 I/O error while checking input location:Leaving the mount point is not allowed for workflow relative URLs: /Users/rm/knime-workspace/07 Classification/../../data/TripadvisorReviews-SanFranciscoRestaurants-ItalianChineseFood.table is not in /Users/rm/knime-workspace

Hi @morelator -

It looks like this workflow was uploaded to the Hub without the necessary input data file included. This is often the case for the workflows associated with our courses, like this one, since the workflow comes as part of a KNIME archive with the data.

Let me check with the team. Sorry for the trouble.