Text Mining Example Server


How and I add the Text mining example server ? the one in this example ( Text mining webinar on youtube )


I followed the procedure on this link below but the user id & password dint work for me. I’m guessing this is an open to public server.

Any Help will be appreciated.


Hello @sksuvarn -

Look for the EXAMPLES server in the KNIME Explorer window, and right-click to login. No credentials are needed.


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Thank you Scott. I logged into the default Example folder but I couldn’t find Examples related to TEXT MINING".
I also have the Text Processing extension installed.

Is there a another public server where they have Text Mining related examples ?

The workflows you highlight are a little bit older, but they are still there - they have been moved to the _Old Examples folder.

More current text analysis workflows are available under 08_Other_Analytics_Types/01_Text_Processing.

If you type “text” into the search bar, you should see every workflow on the EXAMPLES server with the string “text” in its title.

Hope that helps!

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Found them. Thanks a lot Scott.

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