Text on annotation boxes is not displayed properly in different zoom-percentages


I constructed a workflow and build an Annotation box with a Long text about the whole workflow. The text is pretty small, font size 6 (since the Annotation box has limited space) and so to read it properly one has to zoom in. That’s fine for me.

Unfortunately, when I zoom in, the text gets bigger in a higher rate than all other stuff, and this causes the text to go beyond the right border. So, much parts of the text is not readable.

Can this be solves somehow?

Best regards


We recently stumbled upon this behavior as well. Good news: This is fixed already and it will be released together with KNIME Analytics Platform 3.6 sometime in July.

In the meantime, you’ll have to resort to re-sizing the box to make the text fit.


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Hi Roland,

thank you for the Information.

Best regards