Text View not exported in HTML / PDF


whilst a Text View Node is displayed in the interactive view, it is not part of the report and thus not exported in PDF nor HTML files.

Apologize in advance for the cluttered screenshot but it should illustrate the described issue. The phrase “High Level Overview” is not exported.


Hello @mwiegand ,
I was not able to reproduce this issue. Could you please let us know which version of KAP are you currently using? Also, if possible, could you please share a sample workflow that reproduces this issue?


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Hi @sanket_2012,

I was not able to reproduce it starting from scratch but the issue persist when using the existing report and data. The test workflow I created contains sensitive client data which I cannot share via the public hub and it’s too large for the private hub as well.

How can I share the download link with you?

Edit: I was able to reproduce it. As follows the test workflow. Placing the text view node in a sub-component (level 2), as done in the “Working” example, is working.

However, upon placing the text view node on a higher level, despite the node being part of the interactive view, causes it to not getting exported.

I believe the Report Concatenate node is not factoring in the Text View node but only the data which is actually connected to it. Hence, the Interactive view is kind if misleading due to the disjoint between the data and view.


Thank you @mwiegand. I will check it and inform you internally.

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