Text View not working on KNIME Server 4.16.9 and KAP 5.2.2


I am looking at using the Text View node and the KNIME Reporting in KAP 5.2.2. When running my workflow locally, the component works and puts out the report. When running on the workflow on our KNIME Server 4.16.9 and Executor 5.2.2 the Text View node’s content is displayed and the Report output port is inactive.

The error that seems to match with the Report output port seems to be this one:
2024-03-28 09:54:07,990 : ERROR : KNIME-Worker-4306-Component Output 8:50:0:2 : 89f2e27f-833f-430f-a1fe-2113d35c493f : ReportPortObject : Component Output : 8:50:0:2 : java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Executing script failed with timeout. The script is: ‘return (document.readyState == ‘complete’);’

I wonder if there is a timeout setting that could be increased to prevent this from happening? I did notice that it can take a couple of seconds to actually generate the report and this could be the reason it fails when running on the KNIME Server.

Think I found a way to resolve the issue.
Added the following to our Executor’s ini file under -vmargs

Not sure if this is just a temporarly solution until but it has resolved the issue we had with the new Reporting in 5.2.x