Texture features extraction


I have several longitudinal MRIs of 3 groups of subjects. For each MRI i have extracted 3 specific ROIs and i want to extract texture features and make a comparison (between the 3 groups) for these 3 ROIs. Each ROI is saved in .tiff format and it is consisted or several slices.

Could you please suggest me a pipeline to run this texture analysis? Furthermore, each tiff file apart from the slices which include the ROI, it is also consisted from other slices which are actually blank… is there a way to avoid all these blank slices and keep only the slices which include the ROI?

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Hi Stephanos,

You could load the ROIs as Labelings (Image Reader + Image to Labeling) and use the ‘Feature Calculator (BETA)’ (which supports selecting an labeling) to compute Haralick features on the parts of the images contained in a ROI.

I hope that helps,

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