the category icon not showing up

The category icon specified in plugin.xml doesn't show up (I see balck and white KNIME icon) when I put the exported .jar file in the dropins directory.  It shows up when I was testing it.  Any idea where I need to put the icon?



Is the icon packaged in the Jar? Does the path to the icon specified in the plugin.xml also exist in the final Jar?

This is what I have in my plugin.xml:

<category description="Category containing Test nodes" icon="./test.ico" level-id="Test" name="Test" path="/"/>

I looked at the jar file, and it doesn't look like it was included.  How do you make sure it includes the icon file?

Open the plug-in's manifest and check the left list in the "Build" tab.

Thanks.  Finally figured out how to open the mainfest.  I can see them now.  Only issue I have is that for some reason, the quality of the cateogory icon looks a lot better than the node icon.  I am using the same icon but placed them in two different places:  one in plugin.xml directory and one in nodeFactory.xml directory.