The confusion of the result in the OpenMS in KNIME

I have some questions about the result of the lipidomic data.
a) Why the ID is same,but the chemical_formual is different,and the RT is different.

b)Why the ID is different, The RT and the intensity is same?

My workflow as following


a) That is a bit unexpected. This might indicate some errors in how you generate the database. One ID can only have one formula. But multiple different IDs can have the same formula.

b) These are multiple explanations for the same feature. AccurateMassSearch cannot distinguish between them.

Yes,I think it may be the parameters bringing the result. I will debug this.
I’d like to ask that the lipidomics data influenced setting.
And how many the result have in general ,around 30000?
This is that I guess crucial settings.

Thank you very much!