The discussion is about an error that occurs when running a Python Script Legacy node in KNIME, where the error states that a "DataFrame" object has no attribute "append".

Dear KNIME Community,

I am currently working on a workflow in KNIME that involves using a Python Script Legacy node. However, I am encountering an error that states: “Execution Error: ‘DataFrame’ object has no attribute append,” even though I have not used the “append” function in my code.

When I try to execute the entire code in the Python Script Legacy node, it runs successfully. However, when I try to run the node individually, the error occurs.

In my workflow, I am creating multiple Excel sheets and saving my pivot output in those sheets using xlsxwriter.

I would appreciate any suggestions or solutions that the KNIME experts and community members may have regarding this issue.

Thank you.

Hello @Tushar_0251 ,
Which version of KAP are you currently using?
Also, could you please share your workflow with some dummy data and the log file, if possible?


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Hi Sanket,
Thank you very much for helping me with my problem. It is greatly appreciated.
I just wanted to let you know that I have found a solution to the issue I was facing. I used the Conda Environment Propagation node to access a different environment that I had created.
In that new environment, I downgraded Python, Pandas, and XlsxWriter, and it worked perfectly.
I hope this information helps anyone else who might be facing a similar issue.



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