The error of AccurateMassSearch

Hi all,
I have some trouble about the AccurateMassSearch node.
a) When I execute the node It makes my computer stuck. My computer is 16G internal storage.
b) the error is following
ERROR AccurateMassSearch 3:18 Failing process stdout: [Read 11531 entries from mapping file!, Read 33 entries from adduct file ‘D:\HMDB\PositiveAdducts.tsv’., Read 15 entries from adduct file ‘D:\HMDB\NegativeAdducts.tsv’., , Found 269889 matched masses (with at least one hit each), from 413289 features, → 65% explained]
ERROR AccurateMassSearch 3:18 Failing process stderr:
ERROR AccurateMassSearch 3:18 Return code: -1073740791
ERROR AccurateMassSearch 3:18 Execute failed: Failed to execute node AccurateMassSearch

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