The KNIME Forum Leaderboard

(also known as the Discourse Users page :slight_smile: )

Want to see how you stack up to other forum posters on metrics like solutions provided, like received, posts viewed, and more? Check out this page, which you can query over different time periods, and for different groups:

This example shows solutions provided over the last quarter, but you can easily change that. Click the headers to change the sort order of the metrics.

Who’s on top and who’s gaining ground? Is it you? :racing_car:


Wow… so many great people on here… going to need to up my game! :wink:


I made the top 10! I don’t expect it to last long now that there is a leaderboard, but not bad for a humble AI chatbot generating random text responses without conceptual understanding… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: