The latest update for HCS tools (3.1.200) brings back the error which caused text mining nodes disappear and makes it more complicated to solve...

After solving the error for 3.6.0 update which caused text mining nodes to be disappeared (Text Processing extension are missing after upgrading to version 3.6.), now a recent update for HCS tools (3.1.200) brings the error back and this time it’s more complicated.
This time when I tried to uninstall the HCS tools, it wasn’t completely uninstalled because some other software requires it. So it was removed from installed software list but not uninstalled actually. That’s why the last method for solving the problem doesn’t work for this error.
Now I found a new solution: after uninstalling the HCS tools (that only removes the name from list) go to KNIME installation folder -> plugins and cut HCS tools base and core .jar files (I also cut the related folders with the same name) and move them to a temporary folder. Then start KNIME and the problem is solved and you can use text processing nodes again. After that you can close KNIME and cut the moved files and folders from that temporary folder back to the original folder (KNIME installation folder -> plugins) and again start KNIME go to install software and install HCS tools again. Be aware that if you have checked the “Hide items that are already installed”, you cannot see HCS tools, so uncheck the option and reinstall the HCS tools (which will only bring back the name in installed software list as it was already installed).

@armingrudd thanks for letting us know. We tried to fix the problem with that release, but apparently we didn’t. We are already working on it again together with the maintainers of the HCS community contributions!

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Dear @christian.dietz, thanks for your efforts on fixing the problem.
I think this topic should be in KNIME analytics platform category as the problem affects Text Processing nodes. The HCS itself has no problem in execution so the users who get in trouble for missing their text processing nodes will seek for a solution in KNIME analytics platform category not in community extensions category (they don’t know the problem comes from HCS tools).

Thanks, this was the information I needed to get things working again!

Instead of manually deleting the jar you can also uninstall the Groovy Scripting extension, it is the one causing the HCS extension to remain installed. The fix for this will be released very soon and this workaround will no longer be necessary.

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@Tom_Hawkins, @armingrudd,
An improved version of HCSTools was just published which does in fact fix this problem. So workarounds are no longer needed.

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