The New Python Script Node with Bundled Packages

The data file is missing in the triage example.

@rfeigel you might be so kind as to where this data might be missing. If you refer to this example (Triage Score Prediction – KNIME Community Hub) the data seems to be in the /data/ folder at the same level as the workflow. Maybe best to download the whole Workflow group.


Thanks. I’ve never seen data stored in an external data folder. Now I understand.

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@rfeigel data with KNIME can be stored (nearly) everywhere. The practice to store it in a /data/ folder within the workflow is convenient for sharing examples so you have everything ready when you share the workflow. For a lot of real world scenarios this is maybe not a best practice since you might want to have your logic (the workflow) and the data (which might be large and change over time) be separated. There is a slight dilemma in this since one would have to adapt to both concepts according to one’s needs.


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