The no. of maximum users on KNIME Server


I have two questions corresponding to the no. of maximum users on KNIME Server Large.


I received the partner license for Server Large and there is a content that is “maximum users = 5”.

In this situation, how should I interpret “maximum users = 5” ?

Where do them what we call the users belong on?

Do they mean users on the OS? or on the WebPortal?


How many people can access the WebPortal at the same time?



I am a KNIME Small Server user and I believe the answers to your questions are probably the same for KNIME Server large as with Small.

RE: In this situation, how should I interpret “maximum users = 5”

I believe this is the number of logins you get for the webportal/server (including the admin user). So 5 individuals can login and deploy workflows or check webportal activity. It’s nothing to do with the OS.

I believe 5 people should be able to access the webportal simultaneously. Certainly 5 should be able to log in to the server via analytics platform.

Unless you have a massive organisation, I would not worry too much about the user limits. I have rarely had an issue with it. People who do have a log in can deploy workflows on behalf of those who don’t. The biggest disadvantage is that the workflow designer will not be able to monitor the workflows as they run or deploy them themselves. But they CAN be sent emails/alerts when the workflow fails or completes, there’s no restrictions on this.

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Hi, @mrman100

Thank you for your reply.

I will try to experiment.


Hi Everyone,

Maybe I can add a bit more to the already great answer provided by @mrman100

In KNIME, we have two important definitions: users and consumers. A licensed user is the person who logs into the KNIME Server via KNIME Analytics Platform to upload, manage, and deploy workflows, while consumers are given access to analytical applications and services via the KNIME WebPortal and REST API. Therefore, when in your license says that you have a maximum of 5 users, that means that 5 licensed people can upload and deploys your workflows in your server via their KNIME AP. If you have a KNIME Server Large license, that means that you have unlimited consumers – meaning that as many people could access and interact with workflows via your WebPortal or REST API.

About jobs: users can monitor their jobs in the Server via the KNIME AP or the WebPortal Administration pages.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


Hi @ana_ved,

Thanks for your detail description.

I understand the consumers but I have no idea about the users well.

So, I have more questions about the users.

  1. According to your reply, can I think that the users is the WebPortal Administrator?

  2. What mechanism that you KNIME set is to restrict a maximum of 5 users?
    I think it is about the options that are “com.knime.server.server_admin_groups=,,…​ [RT]” and “com.knime.server.server_admin_users=,,…​ [RT]” in the knime-server.config.
    Can I assign up to five users to this option?


Hi @EXEM-Kim,

you can think of users as workflow developers, who connect to the server to deploy their workflows there and let them run on a scheduled basis.

With the configuration parameter you mentioned you can limit access to the server, by only allowing specific users or members of specific groups to connect to KNIME server via Analytics Platform. This is important, as the number of allowed users is restricted by the amount licensed users. That is why it makes sense to not have more allowed users specified than covered by your license.



Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt,

I appreciate that I exactly understood the user in KNIME Server thanks to your reply!


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