The OpenMS in KNIME and the GNPS

I want to know if the Openms in KNIME can connect the GNPS. Or the OpenMS software can connect the GNPS.I want to use the GNPS to identify the compound.But I don’t know how to learn it and what should I do.
Thank you!


you can export your results to GNPS with the GNPSExporter but you cannot “use” GNPS to identify compounds.

Thank you.Then the result I should use the GNPS webpage to describe the network.
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Now I have the result oof SiriusAdapter node,then I want to ask if I use the result not the AccurateMassSearch. But the compound identified seem a little. But the AccurateMassSearch the alternative compounds seem blurry.
And my teacher want to visualize the data. I want to ask you for help. I don’t know how to achieve it.


exactly, the results can then be imported to the GNPS website and you can look at the network. You can read the documentation of the GNPSExporter node.

I think the only thing you can do is to tweak parameters. Sirius will always have only fewer compounds.
And AccurateMassSearch will always have many alternatives.
Combining the results is an active research topic.

Ok,I will look the documentation. Yes,are you combine the two result?

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