The problem of using CNN for cat and dog classification

I would like to ask why I encounter errors when calling DL Python Network Creator and DL Python Network Learner. Regarding “name ‘’ is not defined”, is it because the model was not passed into DL Python Network Learner?

Hey @coffee,
Are you by any chance trying to run a workflow with Keras? As of now, any of the keras nodes require older versions of tensorflow/python and are difficult to setup.

If you do have an older version of python, I would make sure to get tensorflow library between v1-v2.

If you are on apple silicon, you won’t be able to get a python version low enough to be compatible with the necessary tensorflow version as I believe the oldest version of python compatible with m1 and up use the newer tensor flow libraries.

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@coffee as @thor_landstrom has said the setup is a challenge. I wrote an article explaining what to do:


Thank you for providing the ideas

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Thank you, the question has been found

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