The R snippet in KNIME

Hi Felix,

Thank you very much for replying! I have already linked to the new templates following the R-Server installation instructions on wiki. But somehow it still gives me the error "Execute failed: eval failed, request status: error code: 127". So I download the template to my local folder, and try to debug it. I find it has difficulties to recognize variable rOut and kIn. I don't know if this is the reason and what cause it?


I tried also other people's templates, same error shows up. Maybe it is because R-Server is not connected? How can I know I install the R-server correclty?


Kind regards,
Di Zi


Forget to say thanks again for your effort :)

Hi Di Zi

to see if the Rserver is running you can check in the Task Manager in Windows or the Activity Monitor on a Mac, if you find a process called "". If it is not there triy to launch it from the R console. Detailed instruction about how to install and launch Rserve can be found here.


Dear Felix,

Thanks a lot. The template is working now!!!

Kind regards,

Di Zi

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