The R view node

I have a trouble in the R View node. What should I do install the package ggbiplot? the R plugin in KNIME or R sofeware in my local. I need use the R plugin to install the package. The data comes from the example data.


once you have set up your R installation to work with KNIME (i.e. installing Rserve etc.) you can choose from where you install packages.

You could e.g. just uncomment the first three lines in the script and run it again.

I want to ask I need to download the ggbiplot package in my local R.I try it again and again,but it failed.I want to download the package in plugins,do you know how to download this?
I delete the first three lines, then it stilll have the error.
Thank you very much!

It depends on which R installation you have entered in your settings. Please go through KNIME Interactive R Statistics Integration Installation Guide to get a better understanding on which installation to use and how to install packages.

You will have to post your error if your question is specifically about the failing installation.

By the way, with “uncommenting” I mean remove the “#” in the beginning of the first three lines, not removing them.


Ok,thank you very much, I will try it again.

Hi,@ jpfeuffer
thank you,I have solved the problem with your help.


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