The sum must be 100

Hi Knime Experts,

I have this issue as per the screenshot below.

1st Table - this contains project, percentage and counter. counter is the number of rows that a project populates in the data set.

2nd Table - “Amended Percentage” means percentage /counter but out system does not accept more than two decimal places therefore, I have forced “Amended Percentage” column to have two decimal as shown in the 3rd Table.

column from 3rd table. As you can see there some values which has more than 100 or less than 100.

5th Table - this table shows the values should show in the final output in BOLD. If the sum is not equal to 100 then we need to add or minus values from one row so it gets equal to 100.

I have attached the data file for your reference. Please do share your thoughts with me.~
Projectsss2.xlsx (12.1 KB)

Thanks in advance.

This is a duplicate post. Don’t clutter the Forum with duplicate posts. Here’s the original: Convert decimal numbers to the sum of 100 - #4 by psycho @ScottF

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My comment was not offensive. Your created the problem. Try this:


@iCFO made a good point in the other (now closed) thread. I’ve revised the workflow accordingly.