the Text Output node display image files while using relative path

I have 2 questions when I was facing. I’d like to see if someone could be able to assist with that.

  1. How can I do it if I want to render the HTML output of the generic JS node to the Text Output node?

  2. Could the image show on the Text Output node while using the relative path? Because the only way I can do it now is to present the js code as a string text in the Text Output node or display the image only in the generic JS node.

Here’s the workflow I’ve done.
img_on_textoutput.knwf (167.4 KB)


Why not display the image using the Image Output Widget?


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@victor_palacios thank you for the reply!
Because I want the content to have not only the image but also some words. I will add bootstrap or some CSS to it. So… I’m not sure it will work on the image output widget node. Would you mind sharing ur workflow here?