The Winner of KNIME Game of Nodes - Let's celebrate!

:crossed_swords: And the #Winners of the #KNIME #GameOfNodes live from the #KNIMESpringSummit 2024 in Austin, TX is… :crossed_swords:

:star::star: TEAM AST - Ryushi Seo, Takanobu Araki and Toshiyuki Ohfusa :star::star:

Our warmest congratulations! :heart_eyes: :clap::tada: The #GoldenNode will be on your way soon! :sunglasses:

Congratulations also to the opposing team, Team FI-Reunited, for the great performance and journey throughout this competition! :clap: :tada:

:pushpin: #ResultsGame of Nodes

Happy #KNIMEing y’all! :blush:



Hi @roberto_cadili,

is it possible to view the finale? Maybe you’ve recorded it, unfortunately I’ve missed the event.

Have a nice day,
Raffaello Barri

Hi Raffaello,

At the KNIME Summit only the talks are recorded and shared: KNIME Spring Summit 2024 | KNIME.

Not being a proper talk, unfortunately the game of the finale was not recorded. If it helps, by the end of next week I’ll publish all the challenges that we assigned during the tournament - so also the challenge of the finale. In this way, you can try it out at home :slight_smile:.

Happy KNIMEing,


That would be great! Thank you :slight_smile:


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Hi Raffaello, here you go: All the challenges of KNIME Game of Nodes - Season 1.

Have fun playing around! :slight_smile:

Happy KNIMEing,

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