Theobald SAP Reader node does not work

Newest version of Xtract Universal (5.6.2) from Theobald does not work with KNIME.

If within the SAP BW Query there are 2 dimensions using same infoObject for the attributes, then data cannot be extracted.


Message error received from KNIME:


It shows like duplicate column error, however there are no duplicated columns.

When using the browser extraction or extraction data into a csv files there are no issues. Below headers that apparently caused the issues in KNIME SAP reader node (browser extraction):

Business Partner__20POSTALCODE;
Business Partner__20STREET60;

I’m using KNIME version 4.5.1 and SAP Reader node version as per below:

Previous versions of the Xtract Universal software (4.27.1) worked fine.

Please help as soon as possible, as we want to use new functionalities as those are crucial for us.


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Hi KNIME Team,

I just contacted Theobald and looks like issue from their side, they are trying to get this fixed with the new release.


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