Thin space between numbers

Hello all,

I am currently reading a CSV file from a server with the File Reader. All the values can be read but unfortunately between every visible number, there are three invisible spaces. Therefore, I cannot convert the string into integers. Any idea how to get rid of them?

Thanks a lot!



Hi Ralph,

you can use the  `String Manipulation` node and  use the replace($YOUR_COLUMN$," " ,"" ) to get rid of invisible spaces. Does this work?



Hi Christian,

I tried this already and it is not working. I uploaded a CSV file with the data so maybe that helps to find a solution...

Just open it in KNIME with the File reader, read it, open the file table and copy one data set in word or the browser or so and you will see the spaces inbetween if you go trough it with the courser :D


Hi Ralph,

I see. This is really a strange CSV format :-) What do expect as output? Two columns or a single column?



PS: you can try the following  replace($YOUR_COLUMN, "\\00\\00\\00", "") before converting to number.

I figured it out by my own. String manipulation was working then, if it raplaces so really strange signs  :D


Thank you very much for your help  :)