three columns extrapolation map

Hi all,

Diego here and I’m a new learner .

Here my problem.

I have three columns of known values (A,B and C). For every pair of input values of A and B, I have C as the output.

Starting from these data, I have to build a table where A is the output, B and C are the inputs with a certain steps. I’ve thought to interpolate the data previously provided with a second order regression would help. Attached a pic shows what I’m targeting.

I tried to write down a very first of draft of workflow which it’s attached and it’s not complete.

Is the polynomial node the right one to extrapolate the results? Is there a node which can help me to define the steps of the final table for the B and C input?

thanks in advance for your help

KNIME_first project.knwf (15.5 KB)

Hi @Diego87 -

It’s not clear to me how your output table follows from your input table. What do the axes in the output represent? I downloaded your workflow, and I guess you’re trying to predict the C value based on the A and B values, but… is there averaging involved along the way?

A clear, step-by-step process of what you expect here would be useful.

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