TIBCO Spotfire File Writer - Error writing to server

I’m getting an error when trying to write to the server. this happens when clicking on “apply” in the configuration dialog which then can’t be closed.

spotfire writer error

I strongly believe this is related to

As the error only start to happen after entering a password into the password field. Just username is fine. I guess some validation happens on apply but we use SSO and I guess therefore this is still not working 1.5 years later?

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I’m getting the same error with the Knime version 4.5.1 and Spotfire Server 11.7.0.
We are using username and password and the error is showing up only, when I enter a password.

I am getting this same problem. Though when I revert back to Knime 4.3.2 it works for me. So it seems like this is a Java 11/Java 9 compatibility issue and until the node is reworked for Java 11 it won’t connect to a Spotfire server