Tika Parser File URL No Content


I’ve have attempted to use the Tika Parser File URL node to read pdf files, but it will not read any of the file content from the URI I feed into it.

I receive an error message stating “Unable to determine the MIME-type:” and “Not all files are parsed!”

However, the “Find MIME Type” node is able to read the file type of the url.

Am i missing something? Is anyone able to help with this issue?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @djarrett,

not really the right answer for your question - but as a workaround you could try the following:

  1. Open Connection to SharePoint
    SharePoint Online Connector — NodePit

  2. Add Transfer Files Node Source File System (press … in the lower left corner of the node)
    Transfer Files — NodePit

  3. Load files to a local directory

  4. Do the Tika Parsing

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@AnotherFraudUser Thanks for the suggestion. I am trying to avoid downloading the files. Otherwise I would do something similar to what you suggested.

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