Tika parser


I have noticed that tika parser when reading mails file (extension file.msg) reads time wrong.

Funny because everything else including date is correct.

I have to extract some data from mails including date and time ( all have the same structure).

Mail was sent 23.06.2022 15:33 and tika says in columns “Date Created and Date Modified”

It seems it is always 2h late.

In configuration there aren’t settings to date and time.

Hi 89trunks,

is it possible that it is related to timezones? That Z makes me think it has been transalted into UTC.


I don’t know. I can see in mail correct time but tkika sees it 2 hours before. If it is time zone how can I correct it?

The Modify Time Zone node should do the job.
I tried to read an email with Tika and I had the same problem as you.

Remember that your date must be in timezone format before editing it!

Have a nice day,


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