Tile View and Carriage Returns, Line Feeds

I imported data via Excel, put it through a column filter and then to a Tile View. There is text in the data with CR/LF but the output of the Tile View has stripped those and I want them as the text is nicely formatted, even in the output from the Column Filter. How do I preserve these CR/LFs?

Also, is is possible to export the tile view output, perhaps to HTML? It would be nice, then one could search the web page and copy/paste data.

Hi @welprocess
I haven’t used Tile View but it occurred to me that it was probably outputting html which ignores CR LF embedded in any text.

In regular html, if you have pre-formatted text, that you wish to output “as is”, you can wrap it with the <PRE> tag.

There may be another way, but one option is to do this to your text. Attached is an example.



Standard Result of Tile View:

Result after wrapping text with <PRE> tag in String Manipulation (Multi Column):

Retain crlf in Tile View.knwf (19.5 KB)

An alternative to this would be to replace all of your line breaks with html <br> tags, which would add html line breaks to the output. You could do this in a String Manipulation node using the following instead of the above formula

regexReplace($$CURRENTCOLUMN$$,"\n" ,"<br>")

This method would also allow you to include other html markup within your text should you wish. Using the <pre> tag would preclude that option, as all of the text would be taken literally and so any embedded markup would be ignored.