Time Generator

Hi all!

When I use the Time Generator node to create a time series is it always necessary to write the number of rows?

I mean, I tried to create a time series between 01/01/2014 to today and I didn't change the number of rows. When I checked the results I saw duplicated dates. Then I tried again, putting the exact quantity of days between my dates in the number of rows and it's looks like that works.

My questions is: Do I need to calculate the exact number of days between my Starting and Ending point and fill in the Number of rows?

Thank you for your support!


Hi Marco!

Thank you for your support.


Hi Fabio,

the Time Generator node is meant to generate a number of equidistant time intervals between two date time values, so you always need to indicate the number of rows otherwise the node would not know how to space the generated values.

This said, Iris posted a clever solution to a previous question which seems to do exactly what you need. It consists of a configurable metanode which returns daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly intervals between an arbitrary start date and the present date. You can find it at the bottom of the post below: