Time info of nodes inside a component

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Is it possible to get execution time of the nodes inside a component using Timer Info node or any other nodes? I want to use one Timer Info node at the root level of the workflow and get execution time of all nodes including nodes inside components (it can be nested components too). Timer Info node works great with Metanodes and I can control the nesting level using Max depth parameter in Timer Info node. But I don’t want to convert the components into metanodes.

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Hi @nithinth7

Maybe the below approach could act as inspiration. It’s working fine in this small scale example, but TBD with larger workflows.

The main idea is to, after the last node inside the component, run a timing branch and send the output into port 1 of the component. This branch will only consider the actual nodes being used and disregards the ones used to format the time data.

Technically, you should be able to just concatenate all the outputs of port1 but I’d guess you want to know in which component the node is used. The only way I found this was through the NodeID.

If you sort on this after the merger, it should give you some of the desired insights. When having nested components, I’d say it mainly a matter of repeating this process.

See WF:
Time info of nodes inside a component.knwf (343.4 KB)

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Hi @ArjenEX,

Thank you very much for the solution :slight_smile:
This is what we are doing at the moment. We want to create a generic solution that we can use for many (existing) workflows without much changes. Unfortunately most of our workflows contain many nested linked components. Current solution results in a lot of changes and un-linking components. This is why we need a method that we can use the root level of the workflow.

Can this be a new feature request?


Yes, I think this needs a developer view :wink:

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