Time Series Data

Hi Everyone!

I’m working on a time-series dataset about power usage (Details here). There is one task where I need to split the time column into 24 columns (like 24 hours time). Already done

To simply put how to convert the following. I already have both tables left hand side and the other with 24 columns (00 to 23)

Thanks in advance.

Guessing this is maybe for a university class or something? Someone posted the same question which I answered here: Remove column and replace with other columns

Thanks I was close. Just don’t know how to join them.

I don’t think you need to do any joins… You should be able to take your input and use the Pivoting node to get hours as columns, the locations as rows, and the cells the mean of energy usage.

If that doesn’t work, please post more screenshots of your input data and workflow.


That pivoting node is a miracle. Didn’t know about it. It works perfectly fine.

Thanks Snowy! cheers!!


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