Time Series Forecasting with Prophet Model

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I am working in KNIME to develop a workflow using Time Series Forecasting with Prophet Model. I am not able to find any dedicated nodes for this model. Is there any alternate node for this model or any other model which can be used to get the same level of accuracy?

Pranesh Kumar K

Hi @Pranesh. You can use the Python or R implemeantion and use the corresponding integration.


Hi @iperez, Thanks for your answer but Is there any possibility of predicting time series with available node models without the use of Python and R?
I have tried using linear regression, it is able to predict when I give partitioned values(using Partition Node). But I need to predict future values (for the next four months).

Hi @Pranesh. With the KNIME Labs Extension you can build ARIMA models, with the DeepLearning (which uses Python) one you can buid LSTM models or try some different architectures.
You can predict future values with your regression model using the Regression Prdictor node. Hope this helps

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