Time Series Prediction - Adding new rows for thew future dates

I would like to use time series to predict future time, to do that I am trying to add few rows and then predicting the values using neural network. First of all I am not sure if this approach makes sense or if there is a way to do this already. However what I am tring to do is to continue the table with the correct row number and dateTime. Any idea what should I do or even I am on the right track? Cheers.

Hi Zarda,

can you send me a workflow or some basic example what you want to achieve?

Some pointer would the the Shift Date/Time node which can generate further dates based on exisiting ones, or the Missing Value node has an option to do a Linear Interpolation. Than you might already know the Moving Average and Moving Aggregation nodes?

I hope this could get you started,

best regards,