Time Zone issues with MySQL

Hello. I have been using AWS knime server, and recently a time zone issue has come up.

My original time zone was ‘Asia/Seoul’, and after seeing the error message regarding the time zone I have adjusted the time zone to UTC, but the error persists in the node.

could you check whether its the node that is malfunctioning, or are there specific ‘tried and true’ time zones for the KNIME server service?


I’ve solved it by tweaking the settings in MySQL Connection node. However, this is definitely an issue that nobody in the KNIME community would want to persist.

Hi jwyrocks,
this is caused by a change in the MySQL 8 driver and reported here. Starting with version 8 of the driver it always applies time zone adjustments. To do so it needs to know the time zone that is configured in the server side which is done during the connection. If the server time zone isn’t recognized the error you mention is thrown. If you want to use the MySQL 8 driver you can either configure the server time zone or use the serverTimezone parameter in the MySQL Connector node.


Another alternative is to use version 5 of the driver which is also shipped with KNIME for this reason. Version 5 doesn’t do any time zone conversions by default since the useLegacyDatetimeCode parameter is set to true by default.


P.s. I also edited the title of the post to emphasis that this is a problem when connecting to MySQL. This way other people might find the post easier. I hope this is ok with you.


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