Timed out receiving message from renderer: -0.000

Hi @qqilihq,

I roughly recall we briefly exchanged about erratic render timeouts. I found now one URL where it seems to be replicatable. Interestingly, both Chrome (regular app and WebDirver on OSX) as well as Safari fail but not Firefox.

I was able to isolate it to the http call respectively it’s redirect to https.

There is also no response code which would indicate a WAF. I will share the URL, as customer related, with you via email.


Hi Mike,

thank you for sending the URL.

I have now tried many times to access it (using different browsers, different local and mobile networks, different devices, different days and time of the day), but for me, it will just just never reply and timeout. I do not even get an initial redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.

And this is why the “timed out” error is thrown (the message is not particularly user friendly, and I have no clue what that -0.000 is supposed to mean to be honest - I’ll investigate this).

If you’re able to load the URL at all - are you accessing this through a VPN, maybe?


Hey Phillip,

thanks for checking this. That issue is really odd. I can eliminate that a VPN causes an issue as I have disabled it.

Sometimes I also get other timeouts for navigation on a website (to a sub-site) which is loaded. the last example shared succeeded after a few retries via Try-Catch. Any idea how I could collect debug information?