Timeframe for Twitter API / Twitter Search

Hey everyone,

does anyone know if it’s possible to set a timeframe for the Twitter Search to get Tweets of the last 2 weeks for example. In the Twitter Search I only see the options of getting the most popular or most recent tweets and setting up the amount of them.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @hkrause3 , yes, you may use the operator since: in your query box in Knime. Here’s a complete list of operators with other relevant details such as the date format:

Going further than that, if you want to automatically specify the date to be 2 weeks from the execution date, rather than manually typing a specific date into your query every single time, you’ll have to know how to work with some of the Knime’s date-related nodes. Further resources: Explore Date&Time in KNIME & Get Best Practices | KNIME


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