TimeGenerator - new features added


I modified the ‘TimeGenerator’ Node and would like to share it with the KNIME community.

Until now it was just possible to give a number of rows and a starting and ending time, to generate equidistant entries.
I added the possibilities to choose the time interval, instead of the number of rows.
The time interval can be chosen directly by a number of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Each  with an own integer input.
Or with a String inspired by the ISO 8601 format for time periods.


Also the source code can be found in the attachment.
----> There was a BUG. I already fixed it in the current attachment.




Hi Mittosc,

I always hesitated to add more options to the Time Generator node, because most people told me the configuration panel is already quite full. If you want to share this with the community, I can check with the developer if they want to add it into the "original" Time Generator node.

This is actually a feature some people already asked me for.

Best, Iris

Dear Iris,

That would be great!

But please notice that I had to fix a Bug..
Now the code in the attachment should have no more errors.




Dear Iris,

working with time intervals is very handy and important such as when creating reference time lines. Then you normally don't know the total number of items but you have a time interval of e.g. 15 minutes (for energy related monitoring data). Currently this has to be done through an R node which is not very convenient.

Best regards,

Oh, maybe one more comment. As this cannot be released very soon.

As a workaround, I use the date time shift node. Than you just need to know the start date. Generate a column with the number of minutes (in your case Max: 0,15,30,...) and the date/time shift will add this number of minutes to your start date.

However, I have it on the list, and we will integrate it :-)

Cheers, Iris