"Timer already cancelled" error on KAP

Hello there,

Sometimes my KNIME Analytics Platform generates some error messages like this when I try to manage (open/run) any jobs on KNIME Server:


This only happens with jobs on the server, and it allows me to work with local workflows without any problem or error messages. But server’s jobs always generate these errors when they are opened, and I cannot visualize any job change (like executing a non-executed node in this job on KAP) and I have to close and re-open the job (again getting these errors) to see those changes.

Fortunately re-staring my KAP solves the problem and error messages disappear.

Please find attached the error.log of my local KAP.

Error KAP.log (180,7 KB)


Hi @jricgar,

we look into it and let you know on any outcome.

Hi All,

I am also getting this error Today. I am not able to run any jobs from AP.


Hi @nithinth7

Can you try the following:
Can you restart your AP?

In addition did you maybe have a executor restart?
We just fixed an issue for the 4.11. release which is related to this.



Hi @Iris
After restarting and waiting for 10-20 minutes fixed the issue.
What is the reason for this error? And anyway to avoid this in the future?


Hi @nithinth7

that is a bug. It is very hard to reconstruct. We had some pathes how this could happen and we do have a fix for this in 4.11.

To avoid this in the future, we currently can only recommend to have you waiting for the 4.11. release and update to it.

However it this something happening regularly for you?
I had it maybe twice in the last 3 month and I am a quite big fan of using the Remote workflow Control.


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Thank you for the reply @Iris
It not that frequent, same as you, couple of times in the last couple of months. My colleagues also faced the same issue but at different times than me, if I remeber correctly. So I assume the AP (client) also has a role in it?

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