Timestamp Alignment node extension fails to load

I am trying to use the TSA_LSTM_Network_Training workflow, and it generates several errors on loading.

  1. The Timestamp Alignment node is not loaded, and it prompts me load the extension. When I respond “Yes” to load the extension, it generates the error: Errors while checking for updates on node links. The details show “Can’t read the metanode template directory” for the workflow in my workspace.
  2. The second error I see is in the File Reader node; it can’t find the clustered_hourly_values_all_w_missing_times.csv file on the KNIME server.

Hello @dataminer_1,

have you downloaded entire all materials from Chapter 6? If not go one level up on Hub (here) and then download both Data and Component folders.

Here is printscreen how to download entire Chapter (both workflows, data and component):


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