Tipps to get SPO2 and Puls via ML

I have just installed KNIME and will familiarize myself with it over the next few days. Briefly about my first project. I would like to train an oxygen saturation sensor. For this I have an infrared and a red signal and would save the values. Now I have pulse and oxygen values from a medical pulse oximeter and want to train my model with it, could someone recommend a good tutorial? Thanks!

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Hi @Zarathustra welcome to the KNIME Forum.
First, I would start by defining with kind of prediction you want your model to perform. Do you want to predict a numeric or categorical value? According to that, your problem is regression or classification respectively, and can be solved by training different models (e.g. Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree etc…).

Regardless of the chosen model, the training workflow will look pretty much the same. Here are a few examples workflows you could take inspiration from.

Here are two videos explaining how to apply Linear and Logistic Regression in KNIME

The two videos above are part of the [L4-ML] Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms course that you can attend, self-paced and for free on our learning platform. More info here → Self-Paced Courses List | KNIME

I hope this helps you get on board! Good luck with your project, feel free to follow up with any further questions.



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