Title View neither exported in PDF not HTML report


I noticed the Title View is not exported in a PDF nor HTML report.



Hi @mwiegand,

Using the old JavaScript views dare not supported (directly) in KNIME Reporting. You can use KNIME Views in KNIME Reporting and for old JavaScript views, you may enable the image output port and then the Image View node (from KNIME views) will do the job.

Hi @armingrudd,

I was talking about that node, not the old JavaScript ones:

That node insert text into the interactive view but that text is not exported in the PDF nor HTML reports. I do know that I can manually insert HTML using the Advanced Composite View Layout:


    "value":"<h2 >Title defined in layout</h2>"

But I’d rather like to use nodes i.e. to automate report builds.


The Text View node should work in KNIME Reporting (and it works for me).

Which AP version are you using? Is it possible for you to share a workflow which replicates the problem?

Most recent one. Sharing the workflows has become quite a challenge as they are rather complex with large amount of data. Creating dedicated workflows, I am afraid to say, got a bit out of reach because time got scarce.

Any chance for a quick remote debugging session?