To control Workflow Stream Using If Switch using Flow variable from a Python Snippet

Hello ,
I have a Python snippet that outputs a table and also generates a variable . I want to check if this variable >0 , n this case one stream of the workflow should be followed. Else Another stream should be followed.
Like if variable>0 if node activated port with the output table generated in the python script .
How do I configure the IF Switch to achieve this?

This combination could look something like this. You would have to give a variable that either says “top” or “bottom” and then use an if-switch to do what you want to do.

if($${Ivar_py_value_switch}$$ >0) {return “top”;}
else {return “bottom”;}

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Follow your Python Snippet directly with an IF Switch (Flow Variable Value) node from the @Vernalis community contribution

This allows you to select the flow variable you want to switch on and a suitable value:



Thanks this helped!:slight_smile:

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